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First-time Home Buyers

You need Johnny Stringer to look out for your interests when buying a home for the first time. Being a first-time home buyer can be intimidating. It’s the biggest purchase you’ll ever make!


Having Johnny represent you through your purchase is free! There is no reason to not have representation through this intimidating process.


How can Johnny help?

  1. He will walk you through the entire process, from getting pre-approved to closing day.

  2. He will help you through the decision of making down payment and how much.

  3. He will guide you through the home inspection.

  4. He will negotiate on your behalf.

  5. He will guide you through choosing a location and neighborhood.

  6. He will make sure all the paperwork, including the contract, is in order.

  7. He is always available and works as quickly as possible so you are able to purchase the home you truly want.


Buying Your First Home Guide

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